When the overalls are in quest of a party

Opiskelijabileet.fi is an event ticketing platform designed for student organizations. Sell tickets inexpensively, safely and climate-friendly. Follow us on Instagram @opiskelijabileetfi.

What does Opiskelijabileet.fi offer?

Opiskelijabileet.fi is a ticket shop made for students selling tickets for all kinds of events, big or small. The pricing is competitive and clear without hidden costs or commitments.

Publish your event for free

Opiskelijabileet.fi offers free visibility for all publications. The event page is fine-tuned to be search engine friendly, so your event is sure to be visible in search engine results. In addition, previews in social media publications look great. You save money, increase visibility, and party more.

One user, multiple accounts

You can manage multiple accounts with the same user. No more sharing of usernames or logging in and out between accounts. You can also invite other users to manage shared accounts and events.

Magical event search

Looking for a specific event? Enter a keyword, city, or tag in the search and BAM, the event is right in front of you. The event search uses a modern solution that allows finding the most interesting events easily.

5% of profits for achieving climate goals — party with a clear conscience!

Opiskelijabileet.fi supports sustainable development. As such, five percent of profits go to the Stripe Climate program. Stripe Climate finances projects that fight against climate change and promote the preservation of the habitability of the Earth.

Simple pricing — no hidden costs or commitments

2,75% + 0,50 € per ticket (+ 24 % VAT)

Offer for autumn 2023

2,00% + 0,30 € per ticket (+ 24 % VAT)

  • No minimum or maximum sales.
  • No monthly or annual fees.
  • No commitments.

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