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26.10.2023 klo 15.00 -
27.10.2023 klo 05.00
Kuopion Tori, Kauppakatu 45, 70110, Kuopio
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❗️❗️ FREE TICKETS GIVEAWAYS on Instagram @approventure ❗️❗️❗️ Follow the account so you don't miss the giveaways and oth...

❗️❗️ FREE TICKETS GIVEAWAYS on Instagram @approventure ❗️❗️❗️ Follow the account so you don't miss the giveaways and other news! 🕷️🦇👻

Do you hear the call of adventure? 🦉 An EXTRAORDINARILY HUGE BAR CRAWL EVENT will take over the streets of Kuopio when the interdisciplinary APPROVENTURE takes place for the second time ever on Thursday 26.10.2023!!! 🤩🤩🤩 And this time as HALLOWEEN THEMED! 🐺🕸️🕯️ Do you dare to go on a DARING discovery trip through Kuopio and hunt for the needed stamps from places to visit? 😈🧛🎃 For your achievements, you will receive wonderful overall badges and climb the ranks to the top of the approventurers! This is an opportunity for you and your friends to experience the unique THRILL of adventure and the FIRST HALLOWEEN THEMED BAR CRAWL EVER in Kuopio! The event culminates in amazing rave party, starring amazing artists! 🔥👻🔥

Appro, often translated as bar crawl, is a typical student event where you visit as many bars as you can and collect stamps from them. One drink at each bar equals one stamp. At the end, you’ll receive overall badges according to the number of stamps; the more the merrier!

WHAT: APPROVENTURE – Appro for the adventurous 🤠
WHERE: In Kuopio center bars, restaurants, and other shops 🍺
WHEN: Thursday 26.10. at 15 -> (distribution of passes 14-18, appro tour and pass returns 15-22, afterparty 21-05)
FOR WHOM: Open to ALL students from Kuopio and other cities 🖤🖤🖤
DRESSCODE: OVERALLS (if you have them) and clothes fit for trick or treating outside 🎃
TICKETS: Appropassport & afterparty 13 € OR Appropassport, Trick or Treat passport & afterparty 16.50 €
WHY: Because you won't find a similar Halloween experience and the thrill of adventure anywhere else in Kuopio! 👻
MORE INFORMATION: From the @approventure Instagram account you can get up-to-date information about the event. 📢

Ticket sales start at 2 pm on 9.10. in Kide.app!

In the Approventure event there are two main goals:
1) Accomplishing approventurer levels
2) Achieve a treasure-like bounty
Both are gained as overall badges. So, get ready to go around the city center of Kuopio discovering the bars and hunting the stamps for appro passports! 🧭🤠 With the same passport you can gain both the approventurer badge and a bounty badge, so they aren’t mutually exclusive. However, with the same passport you can receive maximum of one approventurer badge and one bounty badge.

🤠 The approventurer badges
are dependent on the former levels achieved. You must accomplish approventurer levels in particular order, so first you must accomplish 8 stamps that equal the first level approventurer badge. Next time when participating you’re able to pursue the second level badge which requires more stamps to collect, etc.

💎 Bounty badges
on the other hand are different from approventurer badges in the sense that the ability to obtain a certain badge is not dependent of any previous or future participations of the event. In Approventure, you have the possibility to receive either the 14 stamp Emerald bounty badge or 18 stamp Ruby bounty badge, but not both of them.

😈 Trick or Treat passport
If you want to challenge yourself even more, you can get a Trick or Treat passport with the primary appro passport for additional price of 3.50 €. The Trick or Treat ticket therefore includes BOTH the primary appropass and the Trick or Treat passport. The ToT passport creates a real Halloween atmosphere when you would walk from door to door asking "Trick or Treat?", because Trick or Treat drinks with a SECRET CONTENT are available at appro tour locations during the event! All ToT products are dairy- and lactose-free, and alcohol-free options are also available. You only get a stamp to the ToT passport by purchasing a ToT product. To complete the ToT passport, it is required to gain 7 stamps in the grid of the ToT passport. Completing the ToT passport will reward you with the MOST AMAZING and SCAREST Halloween badge! There’s only a limited amount of these Trick or Treat passports, so be quick when the tickets are released. So, in short = drink more! 🦇

The ticket sale starts on MONDAY 9th of October at 2 pm. The ticket’s will be sold according to the afterparty location. A ticket to the event costs 13 euros and includes appro passport and wristband to the afterparty. You can purchase the Trick or Treat passport along with the primary appro passport. With Trick or Treat passport the ticket will cost 16.50 euros in total. Only with the wristband you can access the afterparty. If there’s a ticket sale only to the afterparty from the bar door, it will be informed later.

Participants themselves take the responsibility of filling out their appro passport accordingly to receive overall badges. The wristband is specific to the afterparty location chosen when buying the ticket. You can buy the maximum of four tickets per afterparty location per one person. You cannot return the ticket, but you can send it to another Kide.app user through the app.

The appro tour will be held between 3 pm and 10 pm.
You can collect stamps by buying beverages and snacks from the restaurants, bars and other locations collaborating with Approventure event. The official locations can be seen from the appro passport. There are student discounts in these locations during the event. It’s possible to buy food from many of the locations and you can also carry out the Appro completely sober. Thus, there are also alcohol-free options available. You can receive only one stamp per location to the same passport. The bars don’t charge for the cloak service during the appro tour.

You can pick up the appro passport and afterparty wristband from Tori between 2-6 pm.
The approventure event will kick off at tori stand located in the central marketplace of Kuopio. You can recognize this from many colored pop-up tents. Both afterparty locations have their own tents, so collect your appro passport and afterparty wristband according to the afterparty location from the correct tent. After 6 pm. you can still pick up the afterparty wristband but appro passports won’t be handed anymore. Please note that appro tour starts at 3 pm. and the appro discounts will apply since that same time.

The passports will be returned to the same place from which you claimed them at first!
To receive overall badges you have to be back in Tori to return your passport latest at 10 pm. 🕙⌛️ We recommend showing up in time both to collect the passports at the beginning of the event. There WON'T be a possibility to return the appro passport at the afterparty location.

Dress up according to the Halloween theme with your friends and post a picture on Instagram during the event and tag @approventure! This way you can participate in a picture contest. For the best pictures we're going to give giftcards to restaurants and bars collaborating with us. The picture can be an Instagram story or a feed post.

There are two different locations for the afterparty: Bar Nousu & Lasku and Apteekkari. The afterparty starts from 9 pm. and you can get in with the afterparty wristband.
In both afterparty locations, there will be an artist performing. This is also the first time ever a big gig takes place at Bar Lasku so this will be a once in a lifetime instance! The performers will be announced in Instagram @approventure 🔥🔥🔥 Artist showtimes are at 12 am. Note that the cloakroom service isn’t included in the Approventure ticket.

The schedule of the event 🎃
🕑 2 pm. to 6 pm. 👉 Ticket exchange at Kuopio’s Marketplace 🎫➜🔖
🕒 3 pm. to 10 pm. 👉 Appro tour and special offers at tour locations 🍺🤠🥃
🕕 6 pm. to 10 pm. 👉 Appro passport returnings at Kuopio’s Marketplace 🔖➜🎪
🕘 9 pm. to 5 am. 👉 After party at Bar Nousu & Lasku + Apteekkari 🥳🥂🕺🏽
🕛 12 am. to 1 am. 👉 After party artist showtime 🤩🎵✨