For event organizers

What is is a convenient and cost-effective event ticketing platform that allows any organizer to sell tickets to their events. Usually those events are student events but welcomes other events too.

Through, student organizations sell tickets not only easily, inexpensively, and safely but also climate friendly.
Create a student organization and take part in a wild raffle!

Wild raffle for student organizations in 2023!

We will be raffling off free transaction fees for the entire year 2024 among all organization accounts opened during 2023. This means your organization can save a bucketload of euros next year!

More details about the raffle

  • To participate in the raffle, it is required that at least one free or paid event has been published during the year 2023.
  • will provide the winner with free transaction fees up to 1000 euros throughout the year 2024.
  • We will notify the winner's representative personally during the first week of January 2024.
  • The prize is specific to the organization account and cannot be transferred to another organization account.
  • The obligation to cover the winner's transaction fees ends if the operation of service ceases.

Nine (9) joyful reasons to open a free organization account today

  • You get to participate in the wild raffle for the year 2023.
  • You can publish events without ticket sales.
  • You gain access to an easy-to-use and secure ticketing platform.
  • Experience the satisfaction of flexible and fast customer service.
  • Your events receive free search engine optimized visibility.
  • Pay only 2.00% + €0.30 per ticket + 24% VAT for transaction fees in the fall of 2023 (no monthly or annual fees).
  • Your customers won't have to pay a service fee when buying tickets (= no frustrated students at the checkout).
  • Receive your funds with a quick 7-day settlement.
  • Additionally, you are contributing to a common good because 5% of the service's proceeds are allocated to achieving climate goals (Stripe Climate program).

Can I just publish an event without ticket sales?

Sure, and it's free!

Organizers can publish events without ticket sales. Published events get powerful, highly-optimized SEO visibility. And thanks to Open Graph protocol in place, link previews in social media platforms look stunning too. is a business but it wants to do things fairly. It doesn't cost anything to provide free visibility, and our visitors would love to find your event.

How can I register?

Setting up your account takes about 5 minutes.
  1. First, register from here.
  2. Create an organization account.
  3. Publish your first event.
  4. (Optional) Set up a payment account if you sell tickets.

If I do ticket sales, what does it cost? offers simple, straightforward pricing without hidden costs or fees.
  • Free events are free.
  • 2,75 % + 0,50 € per ticket (+ 24 % VAT).
    • Offer for autumn 2023: 2,00 % + 0,30 € per ticket (+ 24 % VAT).
  • Sell as many tickets as you want, no cap.
  • No monthly or yearly fees.

Event coming up but venue missing?

Our service offers venue search for your next student event. collaborates closely with student-friendly companies and restaurants. We handpick suitable venues and restaurants where students can organize the most successful student events.

No annoying extra costs in the grand total

Sounds familiar? Add a few items to a cart in an online store, and continue to checkout. The grand total now includes all sorts of service fees, maintenance fees, mailing fees, processing fees, and you-name-it-fees. shows the price exactly what it actually is. Happy customers, successful event.

How protects from bots and bootleggers? protects from bots and bootleggers multiple different ways:

Purchase limit: Event organizers can set purchase limits for how many tickets one user can buy.

Resell (*): Users can resell their tickets forward safely, but the maximum resell price can be as much as the original ticket price was.

Bot protection: uses the modern, state-of-the-art bot protections that can identify bad actors, spam, and automated purchase attempts. Tickets belong to people, not bots.

* In the making.

Who's behind all this?

The service is being developed by Kasperi "Kappe" Keski-Loppi . I'm a University of Turku graduate from 2018, a passionate entrepreneur and a developer. AFAIK, was established 2008 by some students in Turku, out of the need to bring more visibility to local student events. I got the domain in summer 2021, and continued with the same idea: to list student events.

Autumn 2022 we hooked up with students from the Turku University of Applied Sciences, and sold tickets to one of their events. As the project succeeded so well, I decided to double down on it. I established a new business and here we go now.

I've got some questions, how do I reach?

By email [email protected] or phone +358 40 700 8296.