LA Bar Jyväskylä

LA Bar is a combination of a cozy bar and a late-night party spot. We have space for everyone, whether you're a local, a tourist, a beer enthusiast, or a party seeker. LA Bar offers a down-to-earth and nostalgic atmosphere, surrounded by surfing vibes with Mexican and Hawaiian flair.

Here you can have fun with your colleagues, stop by for a beer, or go crazy on the dance floor. LA Bar is designed for all of you who want to take a casual and carefree break from everyday life.

Our servers will assist you with a twinkle in their eye, and you have everything to choose from, ranging from beers to classic drinks of the '90s.
Väinönkatu 11, 40100 Jyväskylä
La Bar Jyväskylä is a student friendly nightlub with karaoke.